About Us

Pantry Shelf Food Corporation traces its history back to 1954 when it originally operated as Philip Green & Co. Ltd. In 1978, the Patel Family acquired the company and within a few short years the company was renamed Pantry Shelf Food Corporation.

The two new owners, visionary entrepreneurs, methodically reshaped the company while growing their dream of creating a food distribution operation for products imported from sources worldwide.  They expanded the company and continued to source increasingly more foods from countries all over the world. Their marquee brand, Pantry Shelf, is well recognized and respected in the food service sector for decades of reliable quality with exceptional service.  Pantry Shelf Food Corporation also recently expanded further to include retail sizes under their Everybody's brand, with product lines that can be found nationally and are becoming recognized as household names today. 

As we expand our product lines and build towards the future, product quality and customer satisfaction continue to be our highest priorities.